From Scribe To Student

From Scribe To Student

And just like that its June.

One month of PA school is DONE.

How has it already been one month since I started on this journey!? Im so blessed to have the opportunity to become apart of such an amazing profession and ultimately outstanding group of humans... Its honestly a dream.

Upon erasing my whiteboard calendar to change the month, flipping my planners onto the next spreadsheet, and holding back from crying when I saw my exam schedule for this month (but FOR REAL), I thought it might be fun to recap what it was like to take on this transition from Scribe to Student. 

Here are my top 5 things I learned about leaving the working world behind and becoming a full time PA-S:

1. It is exciting!

Starting on your journey to PA school is quite literally the biggest commitment you've made thus far and its nerve racking, but it should also be exciting! Your first week of school everyone in your class is eager to get to know each other, make a friend or two (or 39), and make bonds that will last. If making 39 new friends (or however many people are in your program) and getting one giant step closer to being a PA isn't exciting... then I don't know what is! 

2. FREE Food 

Yes, FREE. There will be free lunch, free snacks, free cookies, and if you're lucky... free coffee. It might be the first week of school but its also the first week of lessons and long days in lecture halls, so free food and free coffee are a huge win! Take advantage of all the free goodies. All that time and energy you would have spent packing your lunch can be used to can focus on making the smoothest transition possible. 

3. It costs $$$

Yup, its true. If living expenses and bills weren't already expensive for you, school is about to take your wallet and make a run for it. We all anticipate the fact that we need to pay for tuition and textbooks but we often forget some of the most important expenses (that make the biggest difference) during that first month:

  • ID cards: can't get in to buildings without these
  • Color pens and highlighters: you may think you don't need these but just wait till your first exam, TRUST ME
  • Review books: sometime more helpful than textbooks
  • Online subscriptions for studying: like SmartyPance or MedGeeks
  • New clothing: so you can be professional and feeling your best
  • Medical equipment: if you don't have a stethoscope... what on earth will you wear around that new fancy white coat you're about to get? 

4. Scope out all the water fountains and microwaves

This is no joke. This was the first thing I asked about and thank goodness for that or I would have wasted my lunch periods for the first month looking for the best microwave and waiting in the longest lines. As a student you are immediately poor, and therefore should pack your lunch instead of spending every dollar of your loans. Trust me when I tell you that knowing where the microwaves are, and which ones are the cleanest, will make packing your lunch 100% more enjoyable. Oh and DRINK WATER. There is nothing worse than getting a dehydrated headache and trying to sit though brand new material. 

5. You are smart and you don't need to compare yourself to others

This is SUPER DUPER important. I even asked some of my classmates what they thought was the best advice for transitioning to school was and quite a few of them hit on this point. YOU were accepted. YOU completed all the same prereqs as others. YOU did your clinical hours. And YOU have something to offer that others don't. Some people might be strong in cardiology, others in neurology, or maybe someone is super strong at documentation and physical exams. Regardless, you have your own strengths are everyone is going to receive the same education and become awesome PA-Cs. No need to freak if you don't know all the bones and your class mate does... YOU GOT THIS!! 

Thats all for now!

 Check back soon to make sure I made it though my first exam block (eight exams in 3.5 days... SOS) 

-The Real Life PA


Welcome to The Real Life PA

Welcome to The Real Life PA